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8/12 Icecrown Citadel 10man 
4/10 icecrown citadel 25man 
5/5 Toc 10 man
5/5 toc 25man 

Currently Recruiting for 25man Progression Druid Boomkin,  Warlock Duel spec, Shaman duel spec Elemental/Enhance, Death Knight Dps
Warrior Dps, Priest Duel spec Heals/Shadow

Other then that were set for all other classes you may still apply but understand that you may or may not be able to raid with the guild because of the current amount of class specific roles already filled..

Also please dont apply if you do not have your duel spec paid for and are working on a second set of gear.  

Also be aware that you will not always be chosen for specific raids based on your gear not being enchanted and gemmed properly were a guild that is progressing thru higher end content and will not carry individuals thru raids just so you can get gear and leave.

Were a family based guild meaning that people are here and have been in the guild for an extended period of time so if your a troll or a general idiot you will not be allowed entrance into the guild and if by chance you slip by and get in then dont expect to last long

If you have any further questions please contact our Guild Officers Darkdzire,Warlissa, Searing, Doomslayer, Aliladon, Kefka, Grimsmite, Shleven in game

Thank You 

Darkdzire/Warz Gm Avatars of Eternity